Who is the Collaboration Artist?

One who understands the art and science of bringing people together to solve problems. One who uses the power of idea flow and solves problems.   

They are the… Diplomats, Facilitators, Negotiators, Conveners, Meeting and Event Organizers, Teachers, Politicians, Legislators, Community Organizers, Orchestra Conductors, Project Managers and More.

Why Celebrate them?

By elevating the Collaboration Artist into one that is recognized and appreciated, his or her presence in a room will command a new respect and authority that will enable us to better solve problems and ignite change.

When this happens, entire industries will benefit and the importance of smart collaboration of any size and shape will be showcased. From an internal working group to a global conference, from a festival to a celebration…idea flow leads to exploration… which leads to problem solving and progress. 

The Movement Begins Soon

On September 27, 2016 (on what we hope will be a beautiful morning), the Roof Terrance at The Kennedy Center will host the first Collaboration Artist recognition program.  We want to spark a movement to inspire future generations and truly change the world. We will honor and learn from some of the greatest collaborators of our generation.

Organizing Committee

David Adler, BizBash Media, Co-Chairperson
Jeff Hurt, Velvet Chainsaw, Co-Chairperson
David Rich, George P. Johnson Experience Marketing, Co-Chairperson

Award Nominating Committee

Mary Boone, Boone Associates
Thomas Moroz, Social Impact Center
Gail Mutnik, AACC
Jim Cornehlsen, Culture Collaborative
David Rich, George P. Johnson Experience Marketing
Carol McGury, SmithBucklin
Jeff Hurt, Velvet Chainsaw
Linda Roth, Linda Roth Associates

Advisory Committee 

Currently in-formation
Richard Aaron, CSEP, BizBash Media
Chad Barth, Eventbrite
Clay Doherty, Clay Doherty, LLC
Holly Doran, Bloomberg
Robyn Duda, UBM
Philip Dufour, Dufour & Co.
Steve Goodling, Long Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau
Tammy Haddad, Haddad Media
Todd Hawkins, The Todd Group
Bob James, Dare Conference 2017  
Latoya Lewis, EnventU
Lenny Lind, Covision
Don Neal, 360 Live Media
Jeff Olsen, Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Patricia Padilla, UN Foundation
Nicole Peck, BizBash Media
Jason Richter, CxRA, The Kennedy Center 
Patti Shock, The International School of Hospitality
Roberta Sumner, VRS
Frank Supovitz, Fast Traffic Events & Entertainment
Mark Tevis, Daily Front Row, Inc.
Michael Trese, Tonki
Susan Ungaro, The James Beard Foundation
Leonora Valvo, Swoogo
Nylissa Whitker, NWI

Team Members

Kelley Gillespie, GEM Events
Kim Romano, CSEP  BizBash Media