Hasheel Lodhia Operations Manager, JM Hospitality
Hasheel Lodhia is a man with many hats. Tonight, he is an event professional - wedding planner, event designer and decorator, festival manager, and volunteer coordinator. On the weekends however, he is a professional Indian Classical Musician often travelling around Ontario for his concerts and private gigs. Just earlier this year, he performed as a soloist at the Sony Centre for the legendary composer A R Rahman. He is a classical vocalist and bansuri player, the bamboo Indian flute and he is sometimes found teaching these fine disciplines to his students. During the week, he is a hotelier. As the Operations Manager for his family's company, JM Hospitality, he helps oversee the production and day to day management of several Hilton properties in the GTA. Hasheel serves as the Director of Programming on the Board of Directors for ILEA Toronto as well as holds the position of CFO for the Liberal Board of Directors in his riding. His educational background is not any less abundant. He holds a double major in Mathematics and Biology (having once upon a time considered being a doctor) as well as a Bachelor in Commerce from the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.