Heather Broll | SickKids Foundation
Heather Broll has enjoyed a successful career leading and executing fundraising, marketing, event and sponsorship strategies in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments.  Her skills and experience were honed at International Management Group (IMG), where she began her career with one of the world's largest sports marketing agencies working on many large-scale events with many accomplished athletes.  From there she moved to Sears Canada, progressing to be the Director, Strategic Initiatives, which included Sponsorship & Cause Marketing.  To develop her business-to-business marketing skills, following Sears she became the Director of National Marketing for Cushman & Wakefield where she delivered business development marketing strategies and provided national presentation coaching.

Most recently Heather was the Vice President, Events at SickKids Foundation, where as a member of the Senior Management Team she was responsible to provide strategic leadership in fundraising support for Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children.  By her last year at SickKids, Heather's portfolio was raising over $18M annually by engaging and developing community and event donor relationships, building awareness of the Foundation's mandate through the number, size and scope of events, and by providing direction and leadership to the Event Fundraising team.  After 9 years of exemplary service raising almost $140M, Heather stepped down from her SickKids duties in June 2017, and is currently taking some time to determine what is next.   

Heather is an avid sailor, racing sailboats with her husband Glen, and has completed the Toronto International Marathon.  In addition to sailing and running, Heather enjoys skiing, cycling and generally being active and outdoors, and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club.